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Dues for 2022-2023

LASSO Booster Dues

All band classes_cropped_No class.png

How do I assess my dues? 

1. The base annual fee is the All Band Annual Fee. This fee goes directly to the administrative cost for the LASSO Band Booster 501c3 Non-profit.

2. If your student is participating in any band program, a base fee is applicable once per year. The LASSO Booster Fee covers administrative costs for the booster as a whole and does not affect any one particular group.

3. Depending on your students participation, further dues are assessed. All Band Annual Fee + the program appropriate dues to your student's desired programs.

4. For example, Marching Band will be:

 Annual Fee = $288.30 +

 Program Dues = $1,320.00

 Total = 1608.30 for Fall 

5. If you want to add a wind band program, $109.50 is added equaling $1,717.80 for the year

Yearly Examples

Marching Band Dues_Ensembles.png
Marching Band_IDL_edited.png
Marching Band_WG.png

Note: Dues for Spring Seasons are not requested until January.  

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