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Dues for 2023-2024

LASSO Booster Dues

At a Glance

Screenshot 2024-01-10 003118.png

Note: Dues for Spring Seasons are not requested until January.  

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How Does the Booster Treasury Communicate the Dues?
An Invoice from Quickbooks will be generated per Activity that your student participates in throughout the year. Invoices will be sent to Parents Emails on or before the 1st payment Due Date with the Full Amount listed for that program.  A payment schedule has been provided for added convenience/Household Budgeting.  Student Statements will be sent out monthly after that as a reminder until balance(s) are paid.  Check your email regularly.  Let's set a goal towards 100% payment participation in 2023 - 2024 to keep our Lambert Bands Program THRIVING and STRONG!

Full Payments are always Welcome and Appreciated.  
Pay often and what you can.  

How do I assess my dues? 

1. The base annual fee is the LB Band Annual Fee. This fee goes directly to the administrative cost for the LASSO Band Booster 501c3 Non-profit.

2. If your student is participating in any band program, a base fee is applicable once per year. The LASSO Booster Fee covers administrative costs for the booster as a whole and does not affect any one particular group.

3. Depending on your students participation, further dues are assessed. All Band Annual Fee + the program appropriate dues to your student's desired programs.

4. For example, Marching Band will be:

 LB Annual Fee = $  185.00

 Program Dues = $1196.00

 Total = $1381.00

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